What is Soursop?

Kaua'i - Steel Grass - Rachelle's Photos
Kaua’i – Steel Grass – Rachelle’s Photos

Nature is an important source of knowledge and is still insufficiently known and disseminated. Western society is fascinated by technology and modern life, leaving aside universal knowledge: timeless Nature.

People are becoming more health conscious, and that involves having a diet that is rich in green vegetables and fresh fruits.

Soursop, GuyabanoGraviola, or Guanábana is a plant native to the Amazon, and it is packed with many of the things that our body needs. Well, actually to be more specific, Soursop is the fruit of Annona muricata, a broadleaf, flowering, evergreen tree native to Mexico, Cuba, Central America, the Caribbean islands of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico, and northern South America, primarily Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela. Soursop is also produced in all tropical parts of Africa, especially in Eastern Nigeria, The Plateau and The Democratic Republic of Congo, Southeast Asia and the Pacific. It is in the same genus, Annona, as cherimoya and is in the Annonaceae family.

Its main virtue is in its active ingredient, the acetogenin. Soursop (Annona muricata) leaves are the most beneficial part of the tree. They have acetogenin containing compounds such as bullatacin, asimisin, and squamocin. Acetogenin acts as an anti-feedant.

The benefits of soursop as treatment and remedy are highly acclaimed, as well as many other healing effects of this plant. Thanks to its rich components, soursop is a natural therapeutic remedy across a broad range of ailments.

Also, Soursop leaves are rich in several other compounds, including protein, calcium, fructose, fat, vitamins A and B, and the like.

Abstinence of caffeine, alcohol and junk food may help you to stay healthy, but you should definately include fresh fruits and teas, like the ones made from Soursop, in your diet.

Exercising and making a correct food combination can help you to be fit and healthy.

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