What Soursop Does For Your Skin?

skinSOURSOP is a remarkable source of skin nourishing nutrients that can make your skin radiance with health and beauty!

Wish to know how?

Soursop deals with Skin conditions – Soursop is utilised to deal with several skin conditions. By using fresh soursop leaves on your skin, it helps you to have a fast recovery.

Deals with Edema – Soursop leaves are used for swealling and inflamed feet.

Deals with Eczema – Soursop leaves mashed and used on the skin as a plaster, help to deal with eczema.

Battles Indications of Aging – Soursop consists of a rich quantity of ascorbic acid and Vitamin C, which enhances the antioxidant material in our bodies and assists in decreasing indications of ageing like wrinkles, great lines and colouring.

Relieves from Sunburn – A maceration of soursop leaves can be prepared in warm water and can be used as a poultice (application of the macerated leaves under a damp cloth to the affected area).

Treats Dry Pruritic Dermatoses – To treat children’s dry pruritic dermatoses, crumple soursop leaves in a warm bath and wash the skin of the child.

Soursop has other several benefits to your health and beauty, but we will tell you more about it, in the posts to come.

If Soursop is your trustful ally, please share with us by commenting below or posting here.

In the meantime…

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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