A Soursop Easter Recipe

soursop ice cream lollyWhen we say that Soursop is a plant with multiple uses, we are not exaggerating. Soursop is useful both in health related issues (the leaves) as well as concerning tasty recipes.

If you have access to Soursop fruit in your local market, you need to try the following recipe. Let us agree that the sugar levels are a bit far from zero, but it is Easter, and you can make a pause in your diet, or just do it for your family. And, please tell us the result!

Soursop Ice Lolly

Makes 20
1 Kilo Soursop
2 litres full cream milk
1 cup condensed milk
2 cups evaporated milk
4 tsp vanilla essence
White granulated sugar to taste


1. Place the Soursop in a large bowl and peel off the outer green skin of the fruit using your hand.
2. Take the white pulp and seeds and squeeze it through a large strainer into a jug or pitcher.
3. Add evaporated milk to the pulp extract and stir well while dropping the vanilla essence.
4. Then slowly stir the condensed milk, when all is mixed in well add the full cream milk.
5. Sweeten the ice lolly mixture to your desired sweetness then separate it in small clear bags.
6. Place in the freezer until cold and firm.

Happy Easter!!! And, remember…

Stay healthy, be happy!


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