Soursop and your Hair


It is never too much to remind you about the numerous applications and uses of Soursop in our daily lives.

We all know that a healthy and shiny hair needs sufficient supply of nutrients. Soursop can give your body the right nutrients and help you to:

  1. Prevent hair loss: Soursop contains a lot of vitamin C, which helps prevent hair loss and strengthens its roots.
  2. Decrease dandruff: Soursop has anti-parasitic effects. It can help fight dandruff and associated symptoms, by using the Soursop puree directly into the scalp.
  3. Fight and Kill Lice: Soursop leaves help combat the lice, by adding them together in a mixture and apply it on the scalp. This can be especially useful in the case of children that can easily catch such parasites.

Also, if you have headaches or migraines, you can try Soursop. It has 7% of our daily value for riboflavin. Research demonstrated that the ingestion of a considerable amount of riboflavin can prevent migraine from coming.

To learn more about the various applications of Soursop you can check our website.

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What should be the Cancer treatment main goal?


When we think about Cancer, the first things that come to our minds, right after the shock and sadness, are chemotherapy and / or radiation treatments. These are very common procedures in western society.

Chemotherapy and Radiation are very effective in killing cancer cells. Radiation is especially effective when targeting external organs, like testicles because that specific part of the body can be isolated and targeted leaving the rest of the body somewhat protected. Chemotherapy is most effective in internal organs.

But, both chemotherapy and radiation destroy the immune system. The bone marrow is where the body produces the immune cells, and it is affected by these treatments. So the immune system will also be affected by these invasive and intense procedures. And, having a defective immune system not only will cause you to get sick more often, but also to develop cancer again, and again…

So, what should be the goal of the treatment? In part, the goal of these treatments is to kill the cancer cells.  But, the other part of the fight against cancer should be to detoxify the body and restore the immune system that was harmed during the chemical fight against the disease.

That is why we should be preventive and not only reactive. There are some important advice in order to do so:

  1. Nutrition is key.  Consume more organic raw foods. Ban the processed foods from your normal diet. Think of the way our grandparents would have eaten, food directly picked from the farm.
  2. Exercise. A good and fun idea is to buy a small trampoline, and jump up and down, this will stimulate your lymphatic system. And, is more important than lifting weights.
  3. Be sure to sweat! The skin is the best way to your body to detox. Drink plenty of water and get rid of the sodas.

Also: leave sugar. Sugar is the primary fuel for cancer cells. It does not matter what treatment you may choose, sugar will have to be taken off your diet.

Learn more about a detox and cancer prevention alternative here


Based on a Ty Bollinger’s interview.

Testimony – How Soursop Healed My Wife

In 1994 I planted a soursop tree because I like the fruit. I use the young leaves for cooking instead of using bay leaves. In December 2010, my wife had an operation to remove the entire left breast and 3 lymph nodes because of cancer.

A month after the operation we visited the oncologist who told my wife there was no cancer in her body. However, they wanted to give her chemotherapy to make sure the cancer would not return. I told them that there was no way I would put my wife through hell. Thus, there would be no chemotherapy or hormonal treatment for my wife.

Out of frustration I just typed “a natural cure for cancer” into my computer, and up came soursop. It is referred as fruit, seeds, leaves, bark and roots which can be used by boiling 10 leaves of the sour sop in 3 cups of water until just 1 cup remains. Drink 2 cups a day regularly. The signs of the cancer dying can be seen within 3 weeks.

My wife visits the clinic regularly for tests and scans. The results are very good. 

For those who have or know someone that has cancer can use the leaves as an alternative cancer treatment. 

The sour sop has no known side effects.

They have many leaves which will help other cancer victims in my area. I am spreading the words about sour sop for healing cancer.

I hate conventional treatment because they make a huge profit from cancer patients who are vulnerable and weak.

George, Australia