Annona Muricata and Wound Healing

leg injury wound treatment

Wound is the first medical problem that is faced by the human race.

In recent years, there has been a noteworthy surge of interest in using natural remedies with more efficient healing potential against different dermatological and skin disorders, including burns, cuts and wounds. Medicinal plants have provided more affordable wound healing products with higher safety from hypersensitive reactions compared to the synthetic pharmaceutical agents.

The wound healing activity of alcoholic extract of stem and bark of Annona muricata was found to show the marked reduction in area of the wound which was tested in albino rats proving their possible use in healing wounds.

The healing progresses go through three general stages:

  1. Inflammatory
  2. Proliferative and repair
  3. Remodelling stages.

The cellular responses include blood supply, surface covering and reproduction of collagen which ultimately helps to bind the wound margin and development of permanent functional tensile strength.

The extract of Annona muricata as an ointment applied daily for a period of 12 days significantly reduced the area of open wounds as tests proved. The actual healing seems to proceed from the 4th day onwards from the day of wounding. It accelerates various stages of wound healing, including wound contractionepithelialization and collagen synthesis. In addition, it also decreased the oxidative and inflammatory stresses in the wound area.

Internally or externally, Soursop does not stop being an ally!



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