Oncologists smile at you like, “Yeah right, you do that (freak).” You get a pat on the shoulder and some nice words, “Oh and go on taking that STUFF.” You think, of course I will, but you don’t say it. To make one thing clear before I continue, I am NOT saying I don’t believe in oncologists and modern medicine. I am NOT saying don’t get chemo or radiation. I am NOT confirming that Graviola cures cancer. I am NOT making publicity for the product. I am just talking about Graviola in general.

My husband has been taking Graviola in capsules since November of last year. Three a day before lunch. We buy them online. At the end of January, we had a doctor’s appointment to evaluate the results of the last PET scan he had on January 7th. The results showed a decrease in size of the lesions he had (after one and a half months of taking Graviola). Prior to that with chemo, there was no improvement at all. The cancer was just there, not doing anything, neither for good nor for bad. I have to explain that he is not getting any medical treatment at all since beginning September last year because of his (by then) physical condition, which was not the best one after almost 3 years of uninterrupted treatments of chemo and radiation.

The January report said that despite a total absence of treatment, the lesions had reduced in size, thus putting in doubt their malignancy. Three months after that, at the end of April, 2015, my husband had another PET scan and another appointment. Again the lesions had reduced, very slowly though, but anyway, being now around 2 point something millimeters each. Again, the report mentioned the doubt about the malignancy, plus the fact that the new reduction speaks in favor of having converted from malignant to benign. There was no biopsy done afterward, so the reports coincide what the specialists think – it’s not proved by tests or analysis’ of any kind.

We don’t know if the cancer just gave up after all the treatments or if the Graviola is doing this. I’d rather believe the latter. Fact is, now and without treatment, we are getting results. Results of which we didn’t get during the 3 years with treatment. At least not with each of the 3 different types of chemo received. It was a constant up and down of good and less good news. My husband has almost recovered from the side effects of chemo. He is generally feeling much better (obviously without the poison in his body) and he goes on taking Graviola each and every single day. We have the next appointment on the 23rd of July and we are very confident.

Update: My husband’s tumor (attached to the lung) has decreased in size constantly, from January to July 23rd from +4mm to 1.83mm. He is taking 3 capsules of Graviola a day.

Mica Graham


Testimony – How Soursop Healed My Wife

In 1994 I planted a soursop tree because I like the fruit. I use the young leaves for cooking instead of using bay leaves. In December 2010, my wife had an operation to remove the entire left breast and 3 lymph nodes because of cancer.

A month after the operation we visited the oncologist who told my wife there was no cancer in her body. However, they wanted to give her chemotherapy to make sure the cancer would not return. I told them that there was no way I would put my wife through hell. Thus, there would be no chemotherapy or hormonal treatment for my wife.

Out of frustration I just typed “a natural cure for cancer” into my computer, and up came soursop. It is referred as fruit, seeds, leaves, bark and roots which can be used by boiling 10 leaves of the sour sop in 3 cups of water until just 1 cup remains. Drink 2 cups a day regularly. The signs of the cancer dying can be seen within 3 weeks.

My wife visits the clinic regularly for tests and scans. The results are very good. 

For those who have or know someone that has cancer can use the leaves as an alternative cancer treatment. 

The sour sop has no known side effects.

They have many leaves which will help other cancer victims in my area. I am spreading the words about sour sop for healing cancer.

I hate conventional treatment because they make a huge profit from cancer patients who are vulnerable and weak.

George, Australia


Testimony – Prostate Cancer

testimonyI first heard of the sour sop from my Uncle as my dad has got cancer. Really after wasting a lot of money in the hospital trying to give him a better health and with no more found to spend on him; this natural way of curing cancer then came up. Let me bring you up to speed with his health before the use of sour sop.

He had prostate cancer that was spreading fast and furious to is kidney. He could no longer walk on is own as his legs were swollen. He is also diabetic and his condition was so bad that the doctors could not help him any longer. After he was discharged from the hospital he was practically left to his faith to die with cancer. And as my mum said thank Jehovah for letting the doctors send him home.

But within 2 weeks of his taking of this wonder plant his health has so much improved that it is unbelievable. His diabetic problems are gone. His swollen legs are gone so he could walk on his own. The cancer effects that he had before are now gone. This result was just the effect of using the leaves from the plant for 3months now from November till date alone. I can tell you that he has not gone to the hospital ever since he was out in October of last year and his health is very much good. Did i forget to tell you his age well God’s grace will be 82 this year survived cancer. How did he use it: two leave in a cup of boiling water cover up so the aroma from the leave will not escape and left to stand for 1 hour. and meanwhile he does not eat for at least an hour before taking it and at least an hour after taking it. When he wants to take it boiling water is added to the covered water with the leave and he drives it. This is how he has used it for the past three months to a great result.

It is a shame that this big companies walk away with millions of murder in their hands and no body seem to do anything about it. But the best way to pay them back is to affect there profit. Let people know about the curing effect of sour sop.

by, Therence

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